The symbol of the Archaeological Park

The enamelled circular fibula

An extremely unique artefact, rich in historical importance, was chosen to be the symbol of Tremona Castello Archaeological Park. Found during excavations in the medieval village, it is circular in shape and was most likely a fibula. This decorative item was forged in bronze and then decorated with red and green enamel inlay. A stylised animal figure can be seen in the centre, which is most likely an ox. This is a clear reference to Luke the Evangelist. The round centre is framed by eight pieces, which create the shape of a cross. The trim is decorated with a design that alternates between a symmetrical palmette motif and a geometric motif, which is reminiscent of plants shapes. Inspired by the Merovingian or Carolingian style, which later featured in the art of the Ottonian period, this beautiful find represents a variant of enamelled cross fibulae.

Unique within the archaeology of Ticino, extremely interesting iconographic and stylistic comparisons can be found in other cantons in Switzerland, as well as abroad, offering new ideas and intersections for building the history of the medieval settlement of Tremona Castello.