Augmented reality

A new way of seeing

Augmented reality is an extraordinary journey beyond the limits of our experience.
It makes it possible for us to be part of a richer spatial dimension and an extended temporal dimension.

In other words, it creates a sensory enrichment. A “mediation” between the real and the virtual,
made possible by audio-video information running on digital media worn by the observer.
The application of this new way of “seeing” and understanding to the world of art and culture
represents a huge leap forward in the appreciation of our artistic heritage.
A narrative form that is itself the essence of beauty and enchantment.

Ten augmented reality points have been created within the Tremona archaeological park,
and by visiting them visitors will be able to enter the medieval houses of the castrum,
visit the forge or “take part” in the daily life of the village. The project was launched by the City of Mendrisio, together with the Regional Tourism Organisation of Mendrisiotto and Basso Ceresio,
with the technical supervision by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI).

Augmented-reality glasses

If you are interested in what you have seen and think you would like to see the past with your own eyes when strolling through the alleys of the ancient village of Tremona, we recommend stopping at the Infopoint and hiring the 3D glasses before making your way up to the park.