A window on history

Tremona, the site and its history

During the archaeological excavations, ARAM volunteers brought to light the ruins of the settlement of Tremona-Castello and thousands of artefacts which, from the Neolithic period through the Bronze Age and Iron Age to Roman times and the heyday of the Middle Ages.
The archaeological artefacts and the places where they were found have supported and sustained the work of researchers, who over time have been able to acquire information that helps determine the history of this place. Much has been discovered, much cannot be known. To support curiosity and also to enhance the historical-scientific importance of the work carried out by the archaeologists who rediscovered this medieval village, the town of Mendrisio, in close collaboration with the president of ARAM Mr. Alfio Martinelli, commissioned Elena Percivaldi, a medievalist and journalist specialised in the field of historical divulgation, to recount the peculiarities of Tremona-Castello.

The author

Elena Percivaldi is a medieval historian and essay writer. A professional journalist since 2002, she collaborates with some of the most important mainstream magazines in the history section. As well as her many activities as a speaker in meetings, conferences and conventions throughout Italy and abroad, she is also a trustee of historical archaeological exhibitions and historical-re-enactments.