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Illustrated panels

Tremona archaeological park offers a detailed reconstruction of the history and daily life
of a rural medieval village through a series of information panels in two languages (Italian
and English). Visitors can learn about the strategic importance of the hill settlement and discover
different aspects of daily life in the village through fascinating pictures and descriptions.

Guided Tours

Schools and groups can book a guided tour of the park. Please use the contact form for requests or
further information. If required, please note that an education room is also available at
the Infopoint, where you can watch the 3D video and visit the mediaeval forge.

Online videos

To get an idea of what you can see when visiting the park, we recommend watching the following videos
available, together with a number of others, on the Mendrisiotto Turismo YouTube channel.

However, if you decide to wear the augmented-reality 3D glasses, your visit to this mediaeval village
will be much more than a standard visit to an archaeological site. It will be a real experience!

To help you imagine what you will see when wearing the 3D glasses, we recommend watching this video
that reconstructs the mediaeval village by superimposing past and present. Developed by the Regional Tourism
Organisation, with the scientific assistance of ARAM and technical support from Elia Marcacci,
this video has been developed to show you images that will take you back to the 13th century,
for a better understanding of what remains of this ancient village today.

Augmented-reality glasses

If you are interested in what you have seen and think you would like to see the past with your own eyes
when strolling through the alleys of the ancient village of Tremona, we recommend stopping
at the Infopoint and hiring the 3D glasses before making your way up to the park.