We are open!

New seasonal opening on March 2nd, 2023. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Archaeological Park supports the Clean & Safe campaign for safe holidays.

The small village of Tremona has become known for its archaeological
excavations which have been carried out since 2000.

Teams of archaeologists and volunteers have uncovered well-preserved remains of a hilltop settlement which,
with its remarkable finds, provides unique insights into the past of the region.

The mediaeval settlement, the remains of which can be seen here in this archaeological park, offers a reconstruction
of daily life in a rural mediaeval village. For a truly unforgettable visit we recommend hiring the 3D glasses
from the Infopoint and walking up to the village for an immersive 13th-century experience.

If you are interested in staying in the Monte San Giorgio (UNESCO WHL) district or the
Mendrisiotto area, why not plan your visit carefully so that you can discover the other
attractions, leisure opportunities and culture they have to offer.

Where to sleep...

These are your holidays and maybe you will be forgiven thinking about earning your place in history some time later. Wherever you stay, a good night’s sleep is vital!
Hotels, holiday flats, B&Bs, farms, campsites and hostels all have something in common: human warmth, and its everywhere in the Mendrisiotto region. Why not come and discover just how proud we are of our hospitality?
There’s a whole range of choices for your accommodation all across the region. You just have to choose if you would prefer the lakeshore and picturesque villages such as Riva San Vitale, Capolago and Brusino, or the cooler mountains and green valleys. In Mendrisiotto, the perfect solution is always at hand, and any need and taste catered for.
Just make your choice. And don’t worry, we’ll watch over your dreams.